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This is the perfect place for generating visitor interest by going into more detail about yourself, your project, or your mission. You can talk about how your idea started, how long you’ve been working on it, what it stands for, and why it’s important. The more specific you are, the more visitors can engage with what you do. This is also an opportunity to answer any questions they may have about you or your work.

Foster’s long, scrolling homepage is actually an Index Page, which stacks multiple pages vertically. Under a Foster Index Page, any regular Page with a background image supports parallax scrolling, a 3D effect that creates depth and immersion. Learn more about Foster’s Index Page here.



2018 GABF Silver - NZ Pilz
2018 GABF Bronze - Raucher
2016 GABF Gold - Raucher Smoked Lager
2016 World Cup Bronze - Raucher



About 30 Medals at World Expo of Beer
Draft Magazine - Top 25 Beers of 2013 - Gulo Gulo IPA
(SHACK WILL ADD IN B&W LOGOS FOR GABF and World Cup if preferred)